28 Aug

Things To Do Once You Get To Washington DC With Your Family

If you have finally saved up enough money to take a trip to Washington DC, this is going to be a trip that you will never forget. This is a place that many students often go when they are in elementary school, or even high school, but there are some adults that have never been there their entire life. If you are traveling by yourself, or even with your significant other, you are going to have a wonderful time. There is an incredible amount of architecture that is representative of the history of the United States. The following places are a few that you should consider visiting once you are there.

Top Three Places To Visit Once You Get To Washington DC

The very first place you should go is a quick drive-by of the White House. This is the center of power of the United States, and what many people to consider the home of the most powerful person in the world. The president of the United States lives there, and it is from this location that many decisions are made which are going to affect the lives of people in America. The second place you should visit is just south of the White House. The Washington Monument is an incredible structure. If you look either direction, specifically going east or west, you will see the Lincoln Memorial and you will see the state capitol building in the distance. You should visit both of these places as well, and once you do, you will have seen the most popular destinations. There are other places you should go, places that will allow you to pay your respects for those that have given so much for this country.

Memorials And Graveyards You Should Visit

A couple of the other places you should visit is Arlington Cemetery. This is not that far from the White House, and is very close to the Pentagon. You should also consider visiting the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and many others that are in the area. You can see all of the names of the people that they have listed down, soldiers that gave their life for this country. You can pay your respects there, and it also gives you a better idea of how many people have contributed their lives for the freedoms that we all possess.

A trip to Washington DC is something that everyone should do at least once. It is recommended that you stay at least a week or two. You can also experience some of the fine dining that is there, and also travel to areas outside of DC that you might want to visit, making your trip all the more worthwhile. Once you have gone to DC, you will probably recommend this trip to friends and family. It is one place in America that everyone should visit to understand a little more about this country that we all live in.

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